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One piece trays

About bench trays in one piece

Stål & Plast now offers to produce finished 4-sided bench trays in customer requested measurements.

In the beginning of 2003 Stål & Plast A/S began using a new full automatic thermo form plant for this production. The plant is the largest in the world and the first of its kind, specially developed to produce ebb/flow bench trays tables in one piece and the absolute best quality.

The trays in one piece are of cause produced in a 100 % new material of highest quality. The modern production methods and tools ensure a so far unknown quality and precision of ebb/flow bench trays. These conditions hands the end user a quality product that ensures a problem free, long lifespan.

Example of advantages the customer gets:
  • No joints
  • No glue jobs
  • No leaks
  • Smooth surfaces and smooth channesl
  • Easy and quick installment
  • Produced in requested measurement

Tray Types

2 basic types of ebb/flow bench trays tops are produced, called “type 1” & “type 2”.

Both types are produced in sizes up to 6230 x 1720 mm, and as a standard you can choose between 1 or 2 valve sumps per tray. It is of cause possible to place a sump in an alternative spot, and other special requests as needed. Please contact us so we can discuss the possible solutions.

Type 1

Type 1 trays are the known Stål & Plast trays with large along-side-running channels which are connected with smaller crossing channels. Look at the cross section in the type 1 below.

Cross secation of a Type 1 tray.

Type 1 is the well known tray with large drain channels alongside and smaller drain channels across. Type 1 can be delivered in widths from 1400 to 1720 mm, plus in lengths from 2500 to 6240 mm, in the width by 5 mm intervals, the length 10 mm. That makes a total of 23.936 different sizes.

Besides all there variations, there is a possibility of choosing the trays with valve sump in one or both ends. Further it is possible to have the valve sump placed in the middle of the tray, or in other places according to needs and wishes. Contact us for further information regarding special wishes.

The unique design of drainage channels is produced in such way, that the "border-effect" with a dry culture alongside the bench tray (caused by high evaporation level) is minimized, by ensuring a 2 mm higher water level & therefore a longer watering time for the culture along the edges. The result is a very uniform culture. See the drawing which illustrates the principle.

Type 2

Type 2 trays are a new type of trays with only alongside running channels, see the drawing below.

Cross section of i Type 2 tray.

Type 2 is a new alternative to the well known type 1, where the drainage channels only are placed alongside the tray. The channels are smaller, but the amount has been increased compared to type 1 which ensures the same good quality of water distribution and draining. It makes type 2 suitable for cultivation in small pots. Furthermore it makes the cleaning easier, as the omission of the cross channels makes it easier to sweep and wash the dirt off the bench trays.

Type 2 is delivered in the widths from 1200 to 1720 mm, lengths from 2500 to 6230 mm, in the width by 5 mm intervals, the length 10 mm. That all together makes 37.300 different sizes. Type 2 is delivered standard with valve sump in one or both ends. Furthermore can type 2 also be delivered with valve sum in the middle of the tray, or in other places needed. Contact us for further information or special wishes.

Like the type 1 trays, type 2 is delivered with the unique design of drainage channels which minimizes the "border-effect" with dry culture alongside the bench tray rims. The border-effect is minimized by ensuring a 2 mm higher water level & thereby a longer watering time for the cultures along the edges which results in a more uniform culture. See the drawing (shown with type 1 tray).

Drawing of trays in one piece

Minimum dimension
Largest dimension
Link to drawings
Type 1 1400 x 2500 mm. 1720 x 6240 mm Generel
Type 2 1200 x 2500 mm. 1720 x 6230 mm. Generel

Installment instruction 4-sided bench trays

Sub support of the bench trays.

By a maximum load of 70 kg/m2 -evenly distributed, the following requirements to sub support must be met:

  1. The bench trays are generally supported by max. 500 mm interval.
  2. A sub support is placed max. 200 mm from the end of the bench tray. Notice the sump (A), which can not rest on the sub support.


Since the trays are up to 6200 mm. long, they are is somehow more difficult to handle that the traditional short trays. During the instalment it is recommended to follow the guidance below, so collapsing and breaking of the trays is avoided.

  1. The box with the bench trays is placed upright (The bench tray stands on the side) near the bench frames, so the trays don’t have to be carried further that necessary.
  2. The box is opened on the side labelled "open this side", and the bench trays are carried out upright one by one to the bench framed. The trays then are turned level down into the frame.

The Engine

The engine, 34 m long, produces the ready bench trays in fixed measurements, 100 % full automatic. The only thing the operator does is overlook the operation and quality control the finished pieces. This way the customer is always ensured of the same high quality when bench trays are chosen from Stål & Plast A/S.

The bench trays are produced in one piece within dimensions up to 1720 x 6240 mm. 2 basic types of trays are produced, Type 1 & Type 2.

Replacement of aluminium trays

Stål & Plast A/S can as something new offer special produced ebb-and-flow plastic trays as a substitute for corroded aluminium shelves.

We have done a large amount of projects where plastic trays are placed directly on top of defect alu shelves. This is a quick and easy solution to replace corroded all shelves.

Please contact us and we will make you an offer on how we can replace the defect alu shelves.

Stål & Plast A/S | Industrivej 19 DK-5750 Ringe • Tel: +45 6262 1216 • Fax: +45 6262 3611
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